Other Projects


 Minna's Dream
(Working title)

After her grandfather passes away, Minna's nightmares return, with violent consequences....

A stand-alone YA Urban Fantasy novel


Quest of No Return
(Working title)

On Isiterra, the balance between the Terressans and Malorians is more fragile than ever before.The Siyen Prophecies said when the war comes, only one can save their world, one who can bend the light and the dark with equal force -   Ile Lumesare.

As the old ways fade, and warnings are forgotten, one family has no choice but to believe. They've witnessed enough to see the prophecies coming true, and know without Ile Lumesare, Isiterra will be lost to Malough.   

Orphaned sisters, Aria and Tauria, set out to continue the quest that took their parent's lives, not realizing Ile Lumesare is already among them....

A four-part epic, High Fantasy series
Book One: Quest of No Return ~ TBA


Fairgrey the Furious

Charlotte Fairgrey, daughter of privateer Patrick Fairgrey - a.k.a. Fairgrey the Fearless - returns to the Caribbean to solve her father's murder, and claim what is rightfully hers.

The hunt for his killer leads her into a dark world of betrayal and buried secrets.
Murder, mystery, and treasure ahoy! - TBA