Friday, May 5, 2017

Fantasy Friday: Quest of No Return Chapters 3 & 4

Happy Friday! This week, I have not one, but two chapters from Quest of No Return to share with you!

In the aftermath of losing their parents, Aria and Tauria have resumed a sort of life at the Cernaah - yet they both feel something is missing. Tauria's solution? 
Go to Iselos, the nearest town and trading center. Aria reluctantly agrees to join her, and they set out on a new adventure, arriving in the midst of the Market Faire.

Links to each chapter:

As I'm going through revisions, I realize there are quite a few words that will be unfamiliar without the benefit of my glossary (which will be included in the book when I publish it). In the meantime, I'll share some of them here....

Terressan - "Good" beings

Malorian - "Evil" beings

Iridius, Iseles, Iada, Ilias, Idiles - the five "orbs of Light" (moons) watching over Isiterra

Siyen - the most powerful of the three races of man, Siyens have powers of varying levels based on their lineage and training.

Crenna - Siyen for Animal 

Cernaah - Siyen for safe haven

E'sareona - Isiterran cussing. From the Underdwellish expression "by the orbs"

Foark - Siyen for beer

Fara - Siyen for wine

Ceren - Siyen for save

I'm not going to promise two chapters next week, but, it is a strong possibility. Until then, I hope you have a beautiful week!